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Published Articles

A Discussion of Web Surveys - From The Business Research Lab.
The Use of the Internet as a Data Collection Method - By Pete Comley of SGA to ESOMAR.
The Methodological Issues in WWW surveys by Vasja Vehovar, Zenel Batagelj - Slovenia
Market Research on the Internet by Gina Woodall of Rockbridge Associates Inc
Marketing Research Analysis - Analysis Notes by Professor Novak
Questionnaire Design: A Practical Introduction by James Currall
The Survey Team, The University of Edinburgh
Questionnaire Design: Basic Considerations by DSS Research
Survey Consultancy and Services from QUANTIFY!
Questionnaire Design by C.L. Taylor, University of Florida

Published Books

Answering Questions : Methodology for Determining Cognitive and Communicative Processes in Survey Research  By Norbert Schwarz (Editor), Seymour Sudman (Editor) / Hardcover / Published 1995 
Designing and Conducting Survey Research : A Comprehensive Guide (Jossey-Bass Public Administration Series) By Louis M. Rea, Richard A. Parker / Hardcover / Published 1997 
Survey Research Methods by  Earl R. Babbie / Paperback / Published 1990 
Thinking About Answers : The Application of Cognitive Processes to Survey Methodology (Jossey-Bass Social and Behavioral Sciences Series)  by Seymour Sudman, et al / Hardcover / Published 1996 
The Active Interview (Qualitative Research Methods, Vol 37)  By James A. Holstein, Jaber F. Gubrium / Hardcover / Published 1995 
Analyzing Repeated Surveys (Sage University Papers. Quantitative Applications in the Social Sciences, Vol 115) Glenn Firebaugh / Paperback / Published 1997  
Computer-Assisted Interviewing (Quantitative Applications in the Social Sciences, No 80) By Willem E. Saris / Paperback / Published 1991 
Designing Surveys : A Guide to Decisions and Procedures (The Pine Forge Press Series in Research Methods and Statistics) by Ronald Czaja, Johnny Blair / Paperback / Published 1995 
How to Analyze Survey Data (Survey Kit, 8) Vol 8  By Arlene Fink / Paperback / Published 1995 
How to Ask Survey Questions (Survey Kit, Vol 2) Vol 2 By Arlene Fink / Paperback / Published 1995 
How to Conduct Interviews by Telephone and in Person (Survey Kit, Vol 4) Vol 4 By James H. Frey, Sabine Mertens Oishi / Paperback / Published 1995 
How to Conduct Organizational Surveys : A Step-By-Step Guide By Jack E. Edwards (Editor), et al / Hardcover / Published 1996 
How to Conduct Self-Administered and Mail Surveys (Survey Kit, Vol 3) Vol 3 By Linda B. Bourque, Eve P. Fielder / Paperback / Published 1995 
How to Conduct Surveys : A Step by Step Guide By Arlene Fink, Jacqueline B. Kosecoff / Hardcover / Published 1998 
How to Conduct Your Own Survey By Priscilla Salant, Don A. Dillman / Paperback / Published 1994 
How to Design Surveys (Survey Kit, Vol 5) By Arlene Fink / Paperback / Published 1995 
How to Measure Survey Reliability and Validity (Survey Kit, Vol 7) Vol 7 By Mark S. Litwin / Paperback / Published 1995 
How to Report on Surveys (Survey Kit, Vol 9) By Arlene Fink / Paperback / Published 1995 
How to Sample in Surveys (The Survey Kit, Vol 6) Vol 6  by Arlene Fink / Paperback / Published 1995 
Improving Survey Questions : Design and Evaluation (Applied Social Research Methods, Vol 38) Vol 38 By Floyd J., Jr. Fowler / Hardcover / Published 1995 
An Introduction to Survey Research, Polling, and Data Analysis by Herbert F. Weisberg, et al / Hardcover / Published 1996 
Mail Surveys : A Comprehensive Bibliography, 1974-1989 (Cpl Bibliography, No 272) by Don A. Dillman, Roberta L. Sangster / Paperback / Published 1991 
Mail Surveys : Improving the Quality (Applied Social Research Methods, Vol 40) by Thomas W. Mangione / Hardcover / Published 1995 
Model Living Standards Measurement Study Survey Questionnaire for the Countries of the Former Soviet Union (Lsms Working Paper, No 130) by Raylynn Oliver / Paperback / Published 1997 
Multiple Attribute Decision Making : An Introduction (Quantitative Applications in the Social Sciences, Vol 104) by K. Paul Yoon, Ching-Lai Hwang / Paperback / Published 1995 
Needs Assessment : A Creative and Practical Guide for Social Scientists By Rebecca Reviere (Editor), et al / Hardcover / Published 1996 
Newsroom Guide to Polls & Surveys by G. Cleveland Wilhoit, David H. Weaver / Hardcover / Published 1990 
The Norc General Social Survey : A User's Guide (Guides to Major Social Science Data Bases, No. 1) by James A. Davis, Tom W. Smith / Hardcover / Published 1992 
Questionnaire Design, Interviewing and Attitude Measurement by A.N. Oppenheim / Hardcover / Published 1992 
Questions and Answers in Attitude Surveys : Experiments on Question Form, Wording, and Context by Howard Schuman, Stanley Presser / Paperback / Published 1996 
The Survey Handbook (The Survey Kit, Vol 1)  by Arlene Fink, et al / Paperback / Published 1995 
Surveying Public Opinion by Sondra Miller Rubenstein / Paperback / Published 1994 
Surveys in Social Research by David A. De Vaus / Paperback / Published 1991 

Link to web sites on market research

Survey Software and Resource in Europe
World Opinion Market Research Web Site
A market research resource with industry news, calendar of events, classified ads, and more. 
The Internet Survey Experts
Nice introduction to internet surveys

The Market Research Society
The UK's professional association for those individuals involved in compiling or using market, social or economic research.