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Infopoll is the only survey software that offers complete solutions to your survey needs from designing questionnaires to delivering complete survey analysis reports. Best of all, the Infopoll Designer is free and Infopoll Server is available for license.

With Infopoll Designer, anyone can design a professional questionnaire form in minutes. It is then ready for data collection.
Infopoll Simulator allows you to simulate your survey result before publishing or distribution.
With Infopoll Server, you can deploy and manage your survey forms anywhere and anytime.
With Infopoll Analyzer, you can obtain your real time analysis report simply by clicking a button. 

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See for yourself that Infopoll (version 6, 4/20/99 release) is the easiest and fastest way to create questionnaire forms and conduct successful surveys and polls. Download a free copy now!

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Any Type of Surveys

Internet/Intranet Surveys & Polls
Email Surveys
Web Surveys
Phone and Fax Surveys
Paper Surveys
Online Voting

Infopoll can be used in

Customer Surveys
Marketing Research Surveys
Course Evaluation Surveys
Association Surveys
Employee Satisfaction Surveys
Political Opinion Polling
Trade Show Surveys
Government Surveys
Social Services Surveys
Radio and TV Surveys
Feedback Forms
On-line Order Forms
Online Registration

Infopoll is fast & cost-effective

With hundreds of professional survey questions and forms in the Infopoll Library, you can design a survey or any form in minutes.
One button-click is all that is required to generate a  survey statistics report and data summary.
Unlimited drill-down (cross-tab) analysis.
Create beautiful charts and tables instantly.
Conduct your surveys anywhere at anytime
Infopoll Designer is free to anyone.

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